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“Serving Those Who Serve Others”

Sean Grant is a Certified Life Insurance agent and a partner of Elite insurance Brokers and Partners LLC and has been serving Illinois & Indiana residents for over 20 years.

Sean Grant’s support team is made up of men and women that are the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and dedicated agents in the industry. They have earned some of the highest awards that can be gained through AIL for customer service, and are still earning their right to be called your local Indiana agency of choice.

Sean Grant and his team believe that customer service is a simple concept because they feel “it’s important to give the members and customers what they need”.   Sean’s team motto is “We Don’t Just Help People, We Add Value”.

Life Insurance lasts for a lifetime and a bad customer service experience will last even longer. Our team feels that good customer service is like an airbag in a car — When things go bad it will save you. Before our customer service team members decide whether you need a term or whole life product, they first determine your needs and what YOU want the insurance to cover. Our customer service team member asks questions: Are you looking for an insurance product that protects you and your family from a life event, such as death, or are you looking for a more comprehensive plan?

Answering these questions are important because the coverage amount for term and whole life policy can vary greatly based on several factors, such as the policy’s cost and qualification requirements.

Or are you looking for something to help cover your final expenses? Based on the answers to these questions, a customer service team member will have a different product recommendation. Our customer service team members will make sure you get a specific type of life insurance not just for today, but the time to come.

In order to begin obtaining information, please fill out a quote request from us.  Or call us at 888-502-5267 and let a friendly agent assist.  Final expense insurance is one of the most important purchases a person can make.  Don’t choose the wrong, or most expensive company because they mailed you something in the mail.  Actually, disregard any company that mails to seniors. They are simply not going to be the best option for you.

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American Income Life has a range of personalized and digital services and tools to help our members manage their Personal & Family Life Insurance Needs 24/7.

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