Most people struggle to retire on time because they can’t afford to, so thinking about retiring early may seem impossible. If you have a dream of retiring early, then you may want to consider where you live. According to a study done by SmartAsset, there are certain states that offer a better chance of early retirement. Living in, or moving to, one of the states at the top of the list may help you achieve an earlier retirement.

To get the results, the company collected data on seven factors: effective tax rates, health insurance costs, non-housing cost of living, housing costs, property tax rates, doctor’s offices per 10,000 residents and entertainment establishments per 10,000 residents.

Below is the list of the top 11 states that may up your chances for an early retirement.

The Northern Great Plains states all scored well, mainly because they tend to have lower costs of living, which is extremely important for early retirement. It’s also interesting to note that the states are split about half and half between warm and colder climates.

SmartAsset offers the following tips to help with your goal of early retirement: save early, cut costs, and invest wisely. For more information, read the full study here.

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