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The American Income Life accidental death insurance plan provides benefits for accidental death and dismemberment as well as hospital confinement and intensive care treatment if received as the result of an accident. When you consider that millions of people seek medical attention for accidental injuries each year, you want to protect your family, both physically and financially.

You are free to use your benefit any way you see fit.

  • Pay out-of-pocket expenses related to your accident
  • Pursue alternative treatments not covered by your medical insurance
  • Supplement lost income while you can’t work
  • Pay daily or monthly household expenses
  • Take a much-needed vacation

The choice is yours!

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Explained…

You AD&D coverage overlaps a bit with life insurance and disability insurance, but it shouldn’t be considered a replacement for either one..

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance (AD&D) pays out if you die or get seriously injured in an accident, such as a car crash.

The payout for injuries is limited to cases where you lose a limb or finger; lose sight, speech or hearing; or suffer paralysis or coma as the result of an accident.

The coverage overlaps a little with life insurance and disability insurance, but it shouldn’t be considered as a replacement for either one. Understanding the differences is important because you might be offered AD&D along with other benefits at work. You can also buy AD&D on your own, apart from your workplace, and you might get offers to buy AD&D coverage from your bank or credit union. Continue reading…

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