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This mobile app is a preemptive measure to find your child if they are ever abducted ages 0-17. This child safety mobile app records your child’s picture,  height, weight, blood type, eye color, fingerprints, and DNA, so you can pass it onto authorities, and help them find your child in seconds.

Child Safety Tips:

Every parent has had the frightening experience of looking away from their child for mere seconds, only to find them gone when they look back. Fortunately, they are usually quickly found close by. But what if they’re not? ailife Child Safe Mobile App ® makes pertinent information about your child available in one place, at a moment’s notice, when seconds count the most.

Learning how to stay safe is just as important as learning your ABCs. Start with these simple tips to help your child or grandchild stay safe.

Safety tips for every day:

Never walk alone. Your child should always walk in groups or at least with one friend, sticking to streets they’re familiar with. …

  • Wait for your lift indoors.
  • Don’t Riding in cars with strangers is a no-no.
  • Always beware of the very friendly stranger.

Safety tips as a rule:

  1. Teach your child to use 911. Your child should also know their name, address, and phone number.
  2. Teach your child that a stranger can be dangerous. Example never go anywhere with anyone they do not know. Do not approach an unfamiliar car.
  3. Parents should not place your child’s name on personal items. Most predators look for this kind of information to gain the child’s confidence.
  4. Parent should teach their child what to do if ever separated from them or other family members in a public or unfamiliar place.
  5. Parent should know where your child is always and who with.

We offer FREE Child Safe Mobile app at No Cost:

No-cost mobile app is provided to parents, guardians, grandparents, and child-care professionals. Contact us for school or group requests. Child Safe Kits are:

Perfessional Organizations which endorse the Child Safe Mobile app:

  • International Union of Police Associations
  • American Federation of School Administrators
  • American Federation of Teachers

10 Helpful Household Saftety Tips For Kids Under 12 years old…

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