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FREE Family Infomation Guide 2020 TODAY!!!

Don’t leave your last requests up to interpretation. With the Family Information Guide, you can make sure your final wishes are followed without any misunderstanding. American Income Life’s Family Information Guide includes sections with information on:

  • Whom to contact upon your death
  • Where to locate your last will and testament
  • Estate information
  • The names of your financial institutions
  • Funeral service requests

Get the Family Information Guide and help eliminate any additional confusion that frequently happens in a time of crisis.

How to Plan a Funeral Service for Your Departed Loved One…

Having a memorial for a loved one after their passing is an important part of the grieving process. It’s a time to honor them, share memories with family and friends, and say goodbye. Some families find that there’s no better place to hold this personal event than at home, but knowing exactly where to start the planning process — especially amid the grief of a loss — can feel overwhelming.

This guide will help you plan a beautiful, meaningful home memorial service for a recently departed loved one. Proceed with patience and plenty of support. With a little time and the right planning, you can hold a service that will allow your family to come together and say goodbye. Continue reading...

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