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What is it? Senior Life Insurance, is it Life Insurance? YES, and it PAYS for Burial and Funeral Costs. Frequently, whatever monies are left over can be used in any way the Benefactor chooses… 

Senior are asking QUESTIONS about Senior Life Insurance?

Why is it easier to qualify for Senior Life Insurance in most cases and what other questions should I be asking.


  • Will a final expense policy expire?
  • Will I have to take a medical exam?
  • What other features are included in a final expense plan?
  • What are all the ways can a death benefit be used?

Will a Senior Life Insurance policy expire?

Final expense policies don’t expire like term policies because they are a type of whole life insurance. Your plan won’t expire as long as your payments are made.

Do I have to take a medical exam?

A medical exam isn’t required In most cases to qualify for a face amount under $25,000. Most plans are issued based on the applicant’s answers to health questions on the paper / online application.

What other features are included in a
Senior Life Insurance plan?

It varies, some life insurance company Senior Life Insurance may have added benefits such as child riders, accidental death, and dismemberment, or support benefits for your survivors such as finding the best funeral cost. No two policies are the same, make sure you and your agent review your policy’s benefits carefully.

How can a death benefit be used?

Were Senior Life Insurance primary purpose is to cover
the funeral costs other associated costs, it can also be used to
pay off  anything such as medical bills, credit card debt,
mortgage payments, car notes, etc.   

Most common benefits found in most
Senior Life Insurance plans are:

  • Whole life insurance – no expiration date whenever
    premiums are paid.
  • Cash value – most insured can take out a policy loan.
  • Fixed premiums – When they’re paid.
  • Simplified issue – Means no medical exam is required,
    just a few health questions.
  • Very easy application process.
  • Prompt approvals – within days in most cases.
  • Affordable rates- for those that apply and approved.

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