What is the Home Business Attrition With Gold & Silver Coins

What is the Home Business Attrition With Gold & Silver Coins

February 28, 2010

Sad Tale: An excellent marketer put six months into marketing a health product, spent hours training enthusiastic distributors, did everything she knew would work, built a downline of a thousand distributors, and then watched it shrink right back up the line faster than she could build it.

That’s called “attrition” folks and it is a home business or MLM fatal disease.  Is it a marketer’s job to cure it … or is this something best handled by company management?  Could it be an intrinsic pattern to the nature of the business?

The JUMPERS are still jumping from one company to another in active pursuit of the latest and greatest “make-me-healthy-and-wealthy” opportunity.  The carefully and intricately woven expansion of the internet marketer can unravel like a badly knitted sweater if the competition is too high.  Another trial and test have proven the masters right once again.

“The Health Market Is Saturated”

One of the top marketers said to me recently that he was through with marketing health products.  I’ve heard several others mention that the health market was saturated.  I’ve seen repeated derogatory comments in ads and articles about “the next juice” or “miracle health” item.  Yet those marketing the products profess that health and diet are a billion-dollar industry, the largest of most network marketing.

I majored in math and business so this intrigued me enough to do some calculations and see if what I found might apply it to this attrition problem.  Sure enough, I did find some patterns.  Now, your opinion is definitely invited but I urge you to do some investigation first.  You can only divide so many diet and health companies into that billion dollars before the individual figures get pretty small.  And then you have to divide that number by the total distributors who hope to make some money.  The competition is astounding.

Supply, Demand, and Deliver

How this affects you as a home business owner or online network marketer is in the area of supply, demand, and delivery.  If you deal with information, work strictly with computer systems and deliver on the internet, then you bypass a lot of these problems.  Not so with the health industry.  This would explain the trend of internet companies toward information since we are not dealing with consumables so there is no concern about shelf life.  Witness the growth of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Netflix, etc.

What are most people looking for when they log onto their computers?  How many people are looking into a possible home business that they could run from the privacy of their home?  Being serious about network marketing includes doing your own research.  You should look into these figures and learn where there IS a demand.

I’ve always advised that one should keep an eye on what the top earners are doing, befriend them, subscribe to their websites, learn from them.  For example, if you were planning on making some investments, you would study Warren Buffet, right?  You would read books, learn as much as you could before turning your hard-earned money over to a broker.  True?

The Information Business

What if there were a business that offered not only information about what the top earners do but also provided the whole system in a neat package and all the potential home business persons needed to do is plug in the information and follow the video tutorials.  Such proven network marketing systems exist.  In fact, that’s my main business which I’ve branded as EIB&P Insurance Services It has no shelf life and it is international.  It is NOT multilevel marketing yet it does provide monthly residual and affiliate income.  You can use it to boost ANY home business.  But is there something that is even hotter than that right now?  Yes.

Gold and Silver as a Marketing Business

Let’s look at another business that won’t pile up consumables in your kitchen or garage.  Are you aware of the historical demand for collectible gold and silver coins?  What?  This is a business?  Well, I do believe it is and has been all the way back before recorded history.  Gold is something so valuable that most of North America were settled by explorers who hoped to find it.  Nothing got an explorer out on those ships to cross the uncharted Atlantic Ocean better than gold.  Sure, spices and drugs brought them across the Atlantic, too, but recall the rush to California?  Why dive deep in the ocean to find a sunken pirate ship unless it has something old or something silver or gold?  A handful of gold coins from another century is instant wealth.  I’m only showing that the value of gold and pure silver has a long lustrous history.

Recently, a company launched the marketing of MS70 (mint) gold and silver collectible coins.  The growth of the company since its launch is hysterical.  This just further proves my point.  People want something of VALUE with no shelf life.  You can only drink so much juice and when it has been drunk, it is gone.  These coins do not only remain “fresh” but they increase in value as they age.  The simplicity of “What if you had been collecting a gold or silver coin every month for the last ten years?” is easily understood to be valuable.  The paper dollar, on the other hand, has decreased in value.  In essence, one is trading a decreasing value paper for an increasing collectible coin worth more than its weight in gold.  The value of gold and silver has constantly increased.  Mint condition coins become more valuable with time.  An American Liberty silver dollar in mint condition bought ten years ago would have provided a five to ten times increase in value.

Personally, I think this company is onto something.  I see NO competition.  And the really good news is that it can easily lock into the workable marketing system that Pro Marketing Systems provides.  So I can offer two businesses that include a complete marketing system, several avenues of income, PLUS a commodity that is in high demand, has no shelf life, increases in value, and provides substantial income as well … with a monthly investment of less than $200 a month.

But let me explain the title of this article.  A gold and silver coin business affects attrition like this: (1) The person is getting a gold or silver coin every month that will only increase in value as it ages; (2) with a little bit of work, he can get it for free; (3) with a little bit more work, he gets the coins for free plus an extra income.  Why, in heaven’s name, would he stop his auto-shipment?  Right.  He won’t and they don’t.  Right now my attrition percentage is ZERO and one of the top marketers who has been in this business for almost a year has a retention percentage of 95%.

This particular company, Numis, has several avenues of income and bonuses that allow your sign-ups to make good money and quickly (very important to avoiding attrition).  But, more importantly, you know your personally sold customers and distributors are getting money for their money.  If you sold them a whole garage full of silver and gold coins, are you going to lose sleep over it?  No, and neither will they.  If your sign-ups sat there and did nothing to build their own business, if they packed their coins away and sat on them, they will STILL come out ahead.  The whole idea just makes sense.

The best part is there is no competition.  Check it out.  How many network marketing companies can you find that market MS70 grade collectible gold and silver coins?  Right

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