What’s the difference between building a home business & a J-O-B?

What’s the difference between building a home business & a  J-O-B?

February 29,2011

When I was first looking for a J-O-B (back when dinosaurs were still roaming the earth), the best possible option was “on-the-job-training.”  College degrees were important but lack of experience was still a deterrent to getting hired.  Young people rightly asked, “How do I get the experience if I can’t get a J-O-B?” Some companies had the idea that if they hired young people and trained them specifically on what their company did, they’d have that employee for life.  Unfortunately, it was such a great idea that some terrific professionals were made.  Other companies enticed them away and fewer companies were willing to make that kind of training investment.

You may wonder why I spell “job” as J-O-B.  I shouldn’t diverge here but I’ll tell you that it represents my distaste for the present day type of employment.  Corporations provide little chance for advancement.  They have become the new “pyramid scheme.” Shocked by my use of words?  Take a look at it.  Without a chance to be in charge, the few at the top get rich and the pay scale goes down from there.  But it wasn’t always that way.  I’m old enough to remember when the mailroom boy had a shot at rising to the corporate management level.  Ah, yes, the good old days.

Now, if you’re happy with your J-O-B, why are you surfing the net looking at Home Business Opportunities?  Maybe you just want some extra cash?  Okay, but I can almost guarantee that taking on the adventure of entrepreneurial work is not going to make you money overnight.  You’ll have to work and you’ll have to train.  There’s a lot to learn.  Like the good old days, with a Home Business, you can earn while you learn.  Up for it?  Then read on.

Some similarities between a Home Business and a job are:  (1) if you work, you get paid; (2) if you know what you’re doing, you can make a decent pay; (3) if you are nice to people, you can make a lot of friends.  Is that it?  Yup.  It might seem like an unfair assessment but the freedoms and limitless income afforded by a home business have clouded over any other similarity in my mind.  With a home business, your income depends on your own abilities.

When you have a J-O-B, someone else is calling the shots.  If that’s comfortable for you, don’t quit your job.  If you are a leadership type, you might resent being bossed around with little opportunity to really make a difference. You might hope to be in charge someday.  If you’re out of a job, this is a good time to learn a new trade!  Maybe you like building pleasant relationships with people and helping them succeed.  Now, honestly, in your present or last J-O-B, was that the focus of your work?  If you’re building a Home Business, it had better be!

One of the most obvious differences between a corporate J-O-B and a Home Business is that with a home business, you work at home! You can see your family, watch your kids grow up and there’s no commute.  You can make your own schedule and make your own decisions.  You rely on your own talents.  You work or don’t work and get paid according to your own cleverness and productivity.  Your age, gender, color, creed, race, and all that … It doesn’t matter.

If you had the idea that you have to be ruthless to make a few million, let’s clear that up right now.  No one lasts very long at the top if they step on or alienate people on their way up.  It takes a TEAM of successful people to build a lasting business. Whether you’re building a team of customers, subscribers, or MLM members, you need large numbers.  Some of them will help build your business.  How do you build a large following?  That’s in the training.  How do you retain thousands of people once you have them?  Not by ripping them off, that’s for sure.  And, again, it’s in the training.  If you don’t learn this, the result is obvious — no customers, subscribers, or downline leaves you with no money.

One place to start is with Mike Dillard’s book on EIB&P Insurance Services. It was a “new thing” for me to be able to attract people to my business rather than chasing them down for a sale.  And I learned things beyond the contents of that book like if I wanted to think and act like someone who is a successful entrepreneur, then I’d better start associating with some.  Why?  Well, if someone wants to know how to do something, they ask or learn from someone who has done it. Does that mean you hang out with them?  Not necessarily.  You can read their books, communicate with them, sign up for their newsletters, join their businesses, or even follow them on social networks.  They won’t snub you unless you want something for nothing, waste their time by ignoring their advice or treat them with disrespect.

Watch the videos to the right and listen for the common message.  Millionaires started out just like you — surfing the net or otherwise looking for a way to better their income.  People aren’t born knowing how to make a million dollars.  They learn.  And each and every one of them talks about their extensive training and how they’ve never stopped learning.  Each and everyone talks about a mentor they had the good fortune to meet.  And each developed their own system for residual income (click on Business Success tab above).

If you want the best training, top business opportunities, and most workable systems — the ones used by the TOP earners in this field — why waste your time surfing the net, getting ripped off by wannabes, and copy cats?  Been there, done that.  You were smart enough to come to this site.  Stick around.  Sign up for the free e-book and training.  Check out the Business Success page.  Watch the videos.  Learn!

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