Who Is You’re Right Prospect For Your Home Business?

Who Is You’re Right Prospect For Your Home Business?

March 1, 2011

Who is your public for a home business? Is it people who will love your product? Maybe.  Someone who sees the virtue of your company? Possibly.  The wealthy people who can afford what you have to offer also they could bring hundreds of people into your down line? Not really.

Think about the person who comfortably succeeds. He has a career, earns between 35 to 70k a year income. His life is secure as long as goes to work every day. He, or she, has insurance benefits, 401k, and a finial advisor. In other words, our imaginary person is the “middle class” or “upper middle class” citizen.

Then the layoff happens or their jobs are outsourced and foreclosure set-in. The news report have has nothing nice to say about the economy. It may take longer than most but at some point, our “average citizen” gets a financial “wake up call.”  Now he or she, who can and does succeed in life, wonders if they are on the Mayflower or the Titanic?

This is the perfect prospect for your business. The person who wants to find an alternative income, a back-up plan, something they can do part-time that is fun, lucrative, and puts money in the bank.

This is why you should choose this kind of person. A successful person succeeds.  This person has already demonstrated that they know how to get a job done.

You don’t want needy people who never made a decent job work out.  What makes you think they will suddenly know how to do it now?  You know the type of needy person I’m talking about.  The ones who will not make it work and blame you when they fail.   So why wast your time?

You should also not go after the super-wealthy / super successful with a “You could make a Killing with This ” pitch because there is not motivation just by that, they are there already.  Financially well off, before you turn them off, think about this.  They can be an investor or make excellent referrals connections for you that you can use to build their business for them. IF they like you as a friend.  The target person is the middle-class person. Think about it they are the ones that are always looking for someone to show them the way that they can’t find or looking for help UP.  Those people are the ones you are looking for because they are people just like you who are trying to be rich.

Ophra Winfrey has people connections and the know-how but why would she want a home business?

By Sean Grant

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